Perfect GF yoghurt pizzas

This is a tried and tested recipe that works every time! I can't take full credit for it. I asked for one a time ago, and the husband has made it his project to perfect it.

We do have a pizza stone, and pizza peel which guarantees the even cooking. There are many recipes out there for yoghurt based mixes, so if you don't have these pieces of equipment, maybe try those versions first!

A large frying pan is also vital before the pizza stone gets involved - this recipe makes 2 decent size thin and crispy's


245g Greek yoghurt

255g GF white bread flour

1/2 tsp xantham gum

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

Bit of black pepper


- Get your pizza stone hella warm

- Mix all ingredients thoroughly. First with a spoon, then by hand. No need to kneed. Then separate into two ball portions

- Sprinkle down some flour, flatten one ball, then roll out with a floured rolling pin

- Sprinkle flour on anything that's gonna touch your dough. It will likely be tacky, and the flour stops it

- Roll it out to the size of your large frying pan

- Pick it up with a pizza peel (powder the end with a bit of flour)

- Slide into the hot frying pan, quickly run a knife around the base of the pan to remove any excess going up the sides of the pan. This gets rid of any extra and makes a neat pizza shape

- Cook both sides of the base, until you have some nice brown spots. It's likely to bubble in places, I normally pierce these and flatten the base were possible

- I always cook this a lot more than seems sensible, as I've made several that the base was not cooked through properly. Probably takes around 10mins. If in doubt, cook longer

- If you're feeling confident, while this is on you can roll out the second one.

- Once the first one is out of the pan, cover it in your toppings of choice. A nice BBQ sauce, and a greater cheddar and mozzarella mix, with some chillies and red onion on top is a sure fire winner.

- Bang it on the pizza stone, and cook until all the cheese is nicely melted & browned.

- As with any gluten free base, always go a little further with cooking than you would with a normal pizza base.

- If you're hoping to serve at the same time, bang the first pizza on the warm frying pan while the second one cooks. Or just get them served when they come out the oven!

Bellissimo! Coeliaclass x

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