Kanassa calls

Kirkgate Market in Leeds has come a very long way from my early memories of overwhelming raw meat and fish scents, and the bellowing call of stall owners trying to sell you a last minute bargain. As well as these familiar features, a new breed of street food proprietors and passionate gourmets have arrived; hoping to share their wholesome creations with a set of shoppers that would now like to stop. And sit, for a while.

We have had a few establishments already firmly planted as our lunch date favourites; tried and tested on the brief occasion we get a day out. But a new contender has gone and bowled over our tastebuds, and what's more, it's all gluten free. Kanassa took us to warmer climes, while the Yorkshire wind and rain hammered outside. And it was delicious, so delicious. The sight of so many little GFs next to every single menu item means a lot to someone who usually has to 'settle'. Furthermore, the news that one of the wonderful owners is gluten intolerant too, made for a worry-free time of it.

Before long, we were discussing booking plane tickets straight to Columbia, however, the humbling thing is, we now know we have a pretty amazing local eatery with guaranteed non-contamination, and an unreal menu. Offerings such as black bean corn cakes, sticky plantain-based brunch, and aubergine pasties to name a few, I won't be getting bored working my way through the wheat-less menu anytime soon.

The ingredients were so unbelievably fresh, the care and attention to detail with the final dish presentation, and the complete confidence in not blowing up within 30 minutes of eating made for the most enjoyable lunch time experience. And all in a bustling place that I have been fascinated by since being a kid.

I cannot wait to return to Kanassa Kitchen and try EVERYTHING. Not only was it wholesome and tasty, the company's devotion to low waste and recyclable products when serving up was an absolute added bonus.

Please visit Kanassa Kitchen, and all of the other small businesses at Kirkgate. One by one. You will leave with a full belly, and clear conscience, and a happy heart.

Coeliaclass x

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