Gluten Free USA

We were incredibly lucky enough to fulfil our dream of driving across America for our Honeymoon in August 2019. I imagined the world would be my edible oyster in the land that's famous for its eats and treats. What I found was actually a bit of a culinary challenge. Perhaps it's the route we took, or the fact we were on the road A LOT. Or maybe the perpetrator was the extreme culture of litigation in the States that now seems to have infiltrated the food industry?

I will guide you state by state across the southern tip of one of the most incredible places I have ever laid my eyes on. From the most Eastern tip at Cape Canaveral to the Western bay of San Francisco, there were so many meals, and so many lessons to be learned for anyone with a dietary need.

Stay tuned and I will rate the best; and the worst of North America, as I relive the absolute trip of a lifetime.....

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