Bernie’s Cafe, Ingleton

June is a very busy time for me - especially with a number of my favourite people celebrating various anniversaries. Father's Day always clashes with my significant other's birthday, and I need to plan ahead when it comes to pleasing the two major foodies in my life.

With the temptation to present the usual cake, beer and “I’ll cook you a meal” voucher for the man that already has everything, we were lucky in the opportunity to find a break in the clouds and potential rain to nip out on the FJR1300 (for those of you into your bikes) and have the best breakfast butty known to man, coeliac man that is….at Bernie’s.

Whether following a gluten-free diet or not, the local bacon, sausage, eggs and bread (mine was apparently Asda’s own white rolls) combined made for one of the best breakfast sarnies ever. Reasonably priced, great tea and coffee, and lovely staff. And the biggest difference? The bread had not been previously frozen, and had been slightly toasted for serving.

Note to coeliacs dining with bread from different sources – maybe ask for the lovely restaurant/cafe owners to warm your bread gently before serving. It makes all the difference in my opinion.

It is very humbling to know that in the middle of a ramblers' and bikers' paradise, there is a little gem waiting to offer some fabulous breakfast eats...for everyone. And I can't wait to return. Think that's Father's Day 2018 sorted then.

Coeliaclass x

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