Preparing to be pescatarian: Reflections on a life choice

- 'Fish in Crazy Water' - this is with Seabass

Long after finding out I was a coeliac, I tried to uphold my moral backbone regarding my love for living things. Like many others attempting to embed the gluten free way of life, I decided to follow a vegetarian path for nearly two years.

This was in 2005, when vegetarianism, and coeliac living were uphill struggles. We can blame the significant lack of understanding of both by the masses, an often silly price tag, and largely limited availability. The movement that would later illustrate vegetarianism and gluten free eating as desirable was in it's infancy, and as a result, my eating habits as a full-time student were pretty abysmal. A few months into my attempt, I began to resemble the soulless root products shrivelled in my corner cupboard as my hair grew thinner, fatigue soared, and my three-times weekly gym sessions were no longer a positive source of energy.

I realised pretty quickly, that I needed to be savvy when it came to staying well, and that embracing my moral values wasn't going to be an immediate success. In October 2017, I was pleased to find that we are more enabled to source something we really fancy when shopping and eating out; whilst upholding the additional moral, ethical, or health-related choices we have made. Deciding to be vegetarian or gluten free no longer requires us to seek out an exclusive, stupidly expensive spot, nor does it result in you having to repeatedly choose that one 'safe' dish you know is going to be "ok" every time. I do have nutritional deficiencies and lack vitamin D, and Iron to name but a few and I would recommend that anyone thinking of making a change to their diet should seek out nutritional testing first.

As a result of my deficiencies, the only way to manage a significant diet change healthily was to go fishing.

It may not be fully meat-free to some, but I have had to invest confidence in the balance between my conscience and my immune system. I am two and a half months into it, and feel great. I will be back to report on this at the 6 month mark, but would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please do comment in the forum section or send me a message via the site.

Thank you as always for reading

Coeliaclass x

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