April 26, 2018

So its the third day of your much-anticipated, first week of your undergraduate life and now is the time to be care-free, make friends and influence people. It's a rain-sodden evening in Manchester (no surprises there), circa 2003, and I am desperately trying to make good memories, and avoid the bottom level of the Fresher hierarchy.

I'm in the process of getting to know my flat mates, the day after the night before. We're all unanimous in our decision of a mucky takeaway to soak up the latter stages of a significant hangover, but the overwhelming opinion is: PIZZA. Great. I was already pretty sure that in the early 2000s, this was the worst possible option for any coeliac hoping for a tasty takeaway. Immediately, I ponder over how I can make my recently-diagnosed medical condition seem almost cool. My new acquaintances are still weighing me up on the social scale, and gluten free is not massively 'in' right now. Most people haven't heard...

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