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I’m Kayley, a Yorkshire girl living with coeliac disease, following diagnosis at 17 years old.

These days, a gluten free diet is considered by many to be fashionable, useful for keeping weight down and carb content low. As someone who has to eat this way medically as a way of life, I have witnessed gluten free living transform from what was as a very clinical and often restrictive lifestyle choice, to a concept people are making the choice to indulge and explore.

There are thousands of sites devoted to recipes and a chance for people to share what gluten free eating means for them. I want to look at every aspect of what it means to be a girl, gluten-free, and fulfilling modern day life as a coeliac.

Local eateries and lifestyle options will be explored, along those further afield. I hope that a forum can be built to exchange ideas, tips, and no-gos.

After being a poorly child, and things getting worse as I hit my teenage years, I embarked on months of assessment via my GP. I finally discovered what was disrupting my life in so many ways, and now want to share these experiences. Now, gluten free has come along way, but we have to discover what works for ourselves, as it becomes clear quite quickly, what works for one doesn't work for all!

This blog aims to explore diet, health, identity, wellbeing and most of all, being able to live your life the way you want, gluten free.

I am always happy to hear from people who may have views/questions/comments they may wish to share with me and anyone accessing this blog.
Please feel free to get in touch through this page or social media.

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